SHOW 5 – SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER – Time: 19H15


(Adult, Brooklyn Saturday and Faerie Glen)


Duration of show –1 hour 15 min


Our performers can’t wait to entertain you with their fabulous show!

The audience will be entertained with 4 short scripted plays


The show opens on board a pirate ship. Pirate Joe is the name of the play and the name of the mean captain who makes the shipmates work hard all day. This leads the hearty crew to plan their revenge.

Circus Capers is up next – YES! The circus is in town! Unfortunately, the performers are bored and unmotivated, and the audience is sparse. The Ringmaster blames the performances and they all blame him. No one will take responsibility. During their preparations for the evening’s performance, it emerges Rudolpho, the lion tamer, has, once again, forgotten to lock the lion’s cage. Will they learn to work together to capture the wild animal in time for the show?


Next the audience will experience the roaring 1920’s during this fabulous play called Murder at Mornington Manor.

Penelope Spencer-Wells is celebrating her 21st birthday with a big party. There is food and champagne and lots of very special guests. Many secrets are hidden behind the stiff upper lip facades of the hosts and guests. Then Reggie Harper, the local newspaper reporter turns up uninvited…


We end off the show on a time traveling whirlwind with the play A Trip in Time! performed by our Fantastic Adult Group!

A group of University students are going on a trip to the Science Museum. Three students activate a time machine and they are transported back in time.


Now that we have whet your appetite please invite your friends and family and book your  seats! This year we have reserved seating – so don’t leave it too late!

There is 10% discount if you take a 10 seater table!

The Rockwood Theatre is a fabulous and relaxed venue. It is situated in the Parkview Shopping Centre, Moreleta Park – Click MAP HERE


Have a look at their delicious food options you can order before your show: Click Here


-Tickets are non-refundable – make sure you choose the correct show!

- No beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, may be brought into the theatre.
- The Rockwood Theatre accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to property or any injury to persons while on the premises.
- The Rockwood Theatre reserves the right of admission.

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